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Driving in Germany

Created by PaPaChuck on August 5, 2005

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On a recent trip to Germany I had the opportunity to rent an Audi with a navigation system in it.

Stuttgart and Surrounding Areas

Created by Patti Albrandt on April 18, 2005

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Stuggart is an easy hub to start your Germany adventures.

Train Oddity/Odyssey across Baden-Württemberg

Created by Sare on January 13, 2005

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We took a train trip using a day pass for regional trains in Baden-Württemberg from Stuttgart to Tübingen to Freudenstadt to Offenburg to Strasbourg, all in 12 hours!

Deep in the heartland

Created by perrytoo on December 1, 2002

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Capital of the richest region of Germany. Flattened in 1945. Is there anything here for a budget traveller?

Volksfest- a true beer festival with locals

Created by lbailey on October 20, 2002

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Volksfest is close to the equivalent of Octoberfest in Munich, although with many more locals and not nearly as many tourists. It runs during the same time period as Octoberfest, ending around the first week of October, we were there for the last Friday of the festival.

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