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Taupo and Environs: Grab the Chilly Bin and Go!

Created by midtownmjd on December 27, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Lake Taupo is a quintessential North Island beauty, home to thermal springs, outdoor activities, a bevy of beaches, and fascinating culture.

Crazy, Crazy Taupo

Created by stomps on April 11, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

11 Reviews

Even 1 day before this trip, I wouldn't have thought I would do everything I did in Taupo.

Taupo Springs and Whitewater

Created by nmagann on April 21, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Lake and river access are easy, free, and beautiful. Walking and biking are inexpensive options to get to the falls, craters, water activities, spas, and shopping. The sauna and hot springs were a superb way to wind down from all the activities.

Falling for Taupo

Created by NomadCamilla on March 1, 2006

4 Reviews

Swinging from ropes, the cheapest tandem skydiving in the world, a brilliant backpackers community and nightlife, Taupo truly has something for everyone...

Centre of the North Island

Created by Koromiko on February 21, 2005

1 Review

We left Wellington City in our rental and then traveled up to Taupo, our destination.

The third time was lucky

Created by Nicki G on November 3, 2004

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After spending two days in Taupo anticipating the skydive with the sky draped in clouds, the third and final day was the bluest I'd ever seen the sky. This was actually going to happen . . . I was going to fall out of a plane and head straight for the ground!!!

Stunning New Zealand

Created by kopite on September 16, 2004

3 Reviews

We went to New Zealand for 5 weeks and travelled around both the North and South Islands. Both are stunning and unique in the world.

TAUPO - top spot!

Created by Euroazz on May 12, 2004

2 Reviews

The Taupo region has some amazing landscapes created by past volcanic activity. Situated right in the centre of the north island, it’s one of New Zealand’s fastest growing regions, largely due to the range of outdoor activities on offer.

Underneath the World

Created by AAJones on November 8, 2003

1 Review

The spectacular mountains and vast lake of Taupo, New Zealand, call everyone from adventure sportsmen, scenic photographers, wilderness hikers, fishermen, and beach huggers to arts and crafts collectors, specialty shoppers, or local and fine cuisine connoisseurs. And every day one returns to the famous hot pools for a well-deserved soak!

Terrific Taupo

Created by Jodie-Lee on June 5, 2003

1 Review

An overview of the sights to see in Taupo and the surrounding areas.

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