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Fleurieu Peninsula

Created by jenl on December 17, 2005

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Places we checked out along the way

Barossa Valley

Created by jenl on December 17, 2005

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Wine, of course!

A Town In Oz With NO Services!

Created by xphile1067 on October 26, 2003

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My friend lives in Adelaide, but his parents live in Winkie. Winkie is a town between Berri and Barmera, in the middle of...nowhere! In the Murray River Valley, amid grapevines and more, I found a paradise.

Home Sweet Home

Created by Aldy on May 7, 2001

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This is my home town. Home to the famous Blue Lake, Mt Gambier and has some magnificent coastal scenery and extinct volcanos. The industries around the city include grape growing, dairy farms, horticulture and mainly Radiata pine plantations. The city is also home to many underground caves and parks/gardens.

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