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DeLand-The Athens of Florida

Created by francelvr on January 12, 2007

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DeLand, a hospitable small town located between Daytona and Orlando, is the home of Stetson University along with many historic homes.

St. John's River Getaway

Created by deanajill on December 6, 2004

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If you want a perfect place to get away, visit the Riviera Marina and Resort on the St. John's River. The owners, Tammy and Gary Maddox, are fantastic, and the resort offers beautiful motel rooms on the river campground with full hookups, boat rentals, and a swimming pool. Resort highly recommended. Call 888/823-4642

Holly Bluff Marina Houseboat Escape

Created by Maureen Myers on April 27, 2004

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Our houseboat was great and had plenty of room for six people. There was lots of wildlife on the St. John River. There were many places to stop and have a meal. There were lots of alligators too and lots of places to dock (but you have to be careful of water depth, so the boat should have a depth-finder).

"Houseboat vacation on the Saint Johns River

Created by jimvau on July 23, 2002

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If you are in for a relaxing time away from it all, this is for you. You will enjoy doing absolutely nothing as you relax aboard your well accomodated houseboat sipping a cool drink and watching the birds, alligators and fish.

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