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Jamaica Resort Sandals ROCKS

Created by nsdephw on March 13, 2007

6 Reviews
1 Story

Jamaica is a beautiful island. There are many things to do and see as long as you are safe.

The Serenity of Jamaica...

Created by PNelson on March 1, 2007

2 Reviews

I have been to Ocho Rios, but this was my first trip to the west side of the island.

Spring Break in Negril

Created by cityofchampions on February 21, 2007

4 Reviews

Review of my week-long stay in Negril, Jamaica during spring break.

Anniversary Trip to Rondel Village

Created by Willa S on May 11, 2006

2 Reviews

We enjoyed a relaxing 7 days on Negril's beautiful 7 mile beach.

No Problem in Negril, Mon

Created by Aya on March 28, 2006

5 Reviews

This was a Spring Break trip, but we managed to avoid the Spring Break crowd at times (even though we had fun going to Spring Break parties too). Jamaica was a very laid back place and the people were really friendly.

Honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica

Created by abou7 on February 8, 2006

1 Review

I stayed at RIU Tropical Bay in Negril and have beautiful pictures of sunsets.

Honeymoon in Jamaica

Created by ChrissiO on January 25, 2006

1 Review

Amazing honeymoon in Negril.

Jamaica - Weathering Wilma

Created by BrettinJaco on November 21, 2005

1 Story

This is a short article about the damage and clean up in Negril, Jamaica, following Hurricane Wilma. It includes two short commentaries about the darker side of life in this popular tourist destination and Bob Marley's influence in tourism 25 years after his death.

Negril, Jamaica - Home Away from Home

Created by jahparadise on September 21, 2005

1 Story

Negril is paradise on earth. I am headed to Negril again this December for my seventh trip in 5 years, and obviously, I'm hooked. Why? Well, mostly because of the people I have met there, but it is really more than that. It's the total feeling of relaxation, calm, and peace.

Sandals Negril, May, 2005

Created by DebbieH103 on August 6, 2005

3 Reviews

Trip to Sandals Negril with an afternoon at Beaches Negril

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