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Santo Domingo: Hostal Dominico Mundial

Created by David Banner on May 2, 2011

1 Review

I stayed 13 countries in the last year. This hotel is dirty over priced and one employee stole money from me. It is not recommended. It is at the end of Duarte calle, directly in front of Parque Duarte . Now the police must be involved to recover the money.

Missions Trip to Hainamosa

Created by alieninvasi0n on October 26, 2010

1 Story

A beautiful place with beautiful people

Port of Call: Dominican Republic

Created by MikeInTown on June 30, 2007

1 Review

Our Royal Caribbean cruise made a stop at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic where we did the Santo Domingo Tour Excursion.

Weekend in Santo Domingo...

Created by abmcali on June 11, 2007

2 Reviews

Helados Bon.

Santo Domingo - Old, Modern and Timeless

Created by Hal1026 on April 9, 2007

6 Reviews

The Dominican Republic's capital city is often only a port of entry but can really be a fascinating highlight for any trip.

Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

Created by Robert Raymond Ingledew on November 22, 2006

1 Review

Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) may not be a rich country, but its inhabitants really enjoy life. I visited Santo Domingo, Barahona, Santiago, La Vega, San Francisco Macoris, San Pedro Macoris, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Higuey, I was not able to make it to Punta Cana, I was near, but working...

3 Days in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Created by janelle_samuels on August 31, 2006

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1 Story

My husband and two sons went to visit the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. We decided to tour the city as if we were natives instead of visiting all of the touristy areas. We wanted to get to know the city.

New Year's Eve, Dominican Style!

Created by patricia21 on January 11, 2006

1 Review

This was my first of many trips to the Dominican Republic. It's a wonderful place to be to bring in the new year. I loved everything about the DR: the people, music, culture, food, and its beauty.

One Trip to Forget

Created by Kryptics on January 4, 2006

1 Story

This is a journal of what happen to me on my last trip from beginning to end. Enjoy!

Dominican Republic

Created by Dubba88 on December 15, 2005

3 Reviews
1 Story

Missions trip to the Dominican Republic: Villa Altagracia and Santo Domingo.

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