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Puck's Tweener Trip

Created by Harasho Puck on April 15, 2011

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Possible trip to Edmonton between July 4th and July 18th.

Many Friends to Find at Buddy's Bar

Created by ksiever on April 14, 2006

1 Review

Friendly view from a patrons perspective.


Created by panda2 on August 11, 2004

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Edmonton isn't very well known as a tourist destination but here claims to be the world's largest shopping mall.

One Day Side Trip To The Largest Mall

Created by TravelMDF on August 4, 2004

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What I disliked about Edmonton.

Edmonton every day

Created by Wrenn L on May 18, 2004

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We may be in the 'middle of nowhere,' but there is a lot to do in this beautiful and friendly city. I have listed some of the must do's for each day of the week.

The City

Created by iced tea on February 17, 2004

1 Review

Go to the West Edmonton Mall, restaurants, dining, and shopping.

Largest Mall in the World

Created by Vivinne on May 24, 2003

2 Reviews

A city within a city, what you cannot buy in this mall was not invented yet. Over 800 shops, 110 restaurants, 19 movie houses and 11 department stores.

Skyreach Centre

Created by jordon on January 13, 2003

1 Review

Review of Edmonton's Skyreach Centre (aka Northlands Colisseum).

Edmonton - The City of Champions

Created by Tolik on July 12, 2002

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Edmonton, Alberta’s provincial capital, stands on the outer rim of the prairie, and set around the deep valley of the North Saskatchewan River. The city has just about everything a city needs, from theatres, museums, a symphony orchestra, a year-long round of festivals, to airports, and modern malls.

Edmonton: More than a Mall

Created by indigirl on April 4, 2002

4 Reviews

A new resident's view of Edmonton. What to see and what to skip, alternatives to the West Edmonton Mall.

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