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Leeds - a Citybreak Star!

Created by fizzytom on June 17, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

Sleeping, eating, drinking and generally kicking back in Leeds - my top tips

West Yorkshire Textile cities.

Created by davidx on June 2, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

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'Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield Leeds' Weave the wool that makes our tweeds' Factually inaccurate, to be polite, but it is how my wife and her classmates in a South England primary school remembered the names of these towns. This is mainly Leeds and Bradford, though Halifax gets a couple of entries.

Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping in Leeds

Created by katr on January 29, 2007

1 Review

I've lived in Leeds for 5 years, where to go when no longer a student!

Living it Large in Leeds, UK

Created by nickyjj on May 18, 2005

1 Review

A vibrant, upcoming city in the north of England with a vibrant nightlife scene and great style.

The lighter side of Leeds

Created by Slartybartfast on December 3, 2003

1 Review

Leeds is a cosmopolitan and ever expanding city in the northeast of England. Currently there is a massive rejuvenation of the city centre underway with many luxury city apartments under construction.

The Carling Weekend 1999

Created by spaceout on October 29, 2003

1 Review

I had decided to attend the Leeds International Music Festival, which was held at the Temple Newsam Park in Leeds. Armed with my backpack and a bag of groceries I headed for the field where thousands of people had already set up their tents.

Lovely Leeds

Created by MorganleFay on September 5, 2003

2 Reviews

I spent a year in Leeds, getting to know the city, the country, and the people. Although Leeds is not the most well-known city in the UK, I cannot think of a better place to have spent the year.


Created by sk8tildeth on March 2, 2002

4 Reviews

I stopped into Leeds in May 2001 for a night to visit a club (The Space ) that had as guest DJ's that night two of my favorite hard house DJ's, the Tidy Boys.

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