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My Santander

Created by Ricardo! on March 7, 2007

5 Reviews

Santander, this is my hometown, where I belong to. It is a wonderful place that everybody should visit!

Superbien in Santander

Created by dj_canela on October 20, 2005

3 Reviews

The cliff-lined capital of Cantabria is a true summer resort with a nightlife that rivals Madrid. Hop on a ferry and cross the bay to watch surfers tackle the waves in Somo, or explore the crystal-clear beaches surrounding the Palacio Real.

A Two Destination Stay in Green Spain

Created by thebigfella on October 19, 2003

1 Review

Our arrival in Green Spain was via Santander. From there we traveled to Asturias and back to Cantabria. We holidayed for one week in each region.

Santander, the lost Jewel of Northern Spain

Created by cookiemonster on January 24, 2002

19 Reviews
2 Stories

Santander, is small city on the northern coast of Spain. Spaniards associate the city with a gettaway from the more turistic areas of suthern Spain.

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