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Weekend in Burlington, VT

Created by DFrancois on October 14, 2008

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Just a quick jaunt up to Burlington, VT to visit my brother and family at the University of Vermont's Parents' Weekend.

Paving the North East

Created by cjg1 on January 23, 2007

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Pavement trip...


Created by cr008k on October 24, 2006

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College Weekend Trip

Burlington Area

Created by chicnfngas on May 2, 2005

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A beautiful, scenic area along Lake Champlain with much fun to offer

Burlington on Lake Champlain

Created by lorrainemarie on May 27, 2004

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Burlington is the largest town in Vermont.

A Winter Weekend in Burlington, VT

Created by ext212 on January 31, 2004

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I visit Burlington often [see journal about an autumn weekend] to get away from the concrete jungle that is New York City and to get some fresh air.


Created by bettyr on December 8, 2003

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I went to Vermont for the Civil Union. I saw Queeche Gorge, Simon Pearce, Woodstock, Burlington, and wineries.

Slice of Summer Heaven in Vermont

Created by Ellum Enopee on November 8, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Vermont is well known for winter sports, but a summer visit can be even more enjoyable.

An Autumn Weekend in Burlington, VT

Created by ext212 on October 3, 2003

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I visit Burlington at least once a month to get away from New York City. Every time I land at the airport via Jetblue or US Airways, I take a deep breath and immediately know I'm not in Manhattan anymore. The air is just SO much cleaner here and I can always relax for two to three days before facing the concrete jungle again.

Smuggler's in May

Created by KenDurham on April 2, 2003

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Off season travel is great. The resort has a welcome breakfast that helps you plan your week. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Visit Farmer Jason to see his unique crop planting.

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