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Relaxing in the Sun in Beautiful Asilah

Created by robertpallas on April 10, 2007

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A relaxing few days spent exploring the town, culture, and beaches of one of my favourite places in Morocco.

Asila -- A Taste of Serenity

Created by wynnie591 on March 6, 2004

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Asilah is truly a magical place. We have a small house there in Medina and go each summer for at least a month. The people are warm and friendly. This is a place you should put on your "must visit" list.

Serene Asilah

Created by beatka on November 23, 2002

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Into the first month of our North/West Africa trip and settling in slowly to Moroccan life. Only the second Moroccan town we have visited so far, but the difference between here and Tangiers is night and day. Utterly relaxed and laid back, a wonderful place to destress.

Female Solo in Morocco

Created by Sharon on December 10, 2001

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The summer of 2001 I went to Morocco twice by myself. morocco poses some challenges for the solo female traveller...but the rewards are well worth the minor challenges. I now have a warm, genuine group of friends in the small town of Asilah, a gem.

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