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In the Darkness of the Pyramid’s Heart

Created by Vicho on November 21, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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Puebla is famous for its pottery, fine cloth, mole poblano (a special sauce made from non-sweet chocolate and chili), its cathedral, and for the nearby archaeological zone in Cholula.

Puebla, un ciudad muy linda.

Created by gorboduc on November 8, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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Puebla, Mexico, lies an easy two-hour trip from Mexico City. It's Boston to the DF's Manhattan -- manageable, historic, full of culture, and home to numerous universities. If you've read Rough Guide's unenthusiastic report and decided not to visit Puebla, read this journal and think again.

A Wonderful Week in Puebla Mexico

Created by Fiorentina on September 9, 2009

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I traveled solo to beautiful non-touristy Puebla Mexico to taste the local cuisine, attend cooking classes and enjoy the lovely colonial city.

One Night in Puebla

Created by Andariega on January 16, 2004

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We stopped for a night in the city of Puebla. We arrived late and left early, having no opportunity to enjoy the city's many diversions. At least our hotel was comfortable and convenient and the food was incredible.

A Day in Puebla, Mexico

Created by boludo on July 10, 2003

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Big-time city with small-town charm.

Puebla de los Angeles

Created by lobosolo on September 30, 2001

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Visiting relatives, this occasion we came to Puebla to be in birthday party of my wifes uncle for his 70th birthday. It only was a weekend visit, but we did enjoyu it a lot. I hope you can use this info for a very enjoyable visit yourself.

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