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Surf, Beaches, and Rain Forest

Created by Bill PT on February 25, 2006

3 Reviews

Itacare, paradise has been found?

Brazilian Burgeoning

Created by opheliainmaculada on October 19, 2005

1 Review

Brazil is a beautiful, free place that, despite the monetary and material poverty, lacks for nothing. The life and love and joy for everyday things that surround this people humbled and reminded me of the real importance of life: simplicity, friendship, family, nature, animals, laughter, dancing, loving, and living.

Itacaré Vacations (BA)

Created by Elisabete Magnani on July 25, 2005

1 Review

Itacaré is a little paradise in Brasil. Located 40 minutes from Ilhéus (at Bahia), this place offer the best of Brazil. Fascinating beaches, places to relax--this is the right place for those who are looking for peace, waves, and nature. You will love it.


Created by PDGuy on January 22, 2005

3 Reviews

An overview of amenities and accommodations offered at this master-planned Brazilian resort.

Learning to Surf in Bahia, Brazil

Created by filasurfista on January 29, 2003

1 Review

So you want to learn to surf, grommie? Forget Hawaii and think Bahia, Brazil. Itacare, in the state of Bahia in northern Brazil, is home to some of the most pristine, beginning surfer-friendly beaches in the world.

Brazil - must go

Created by toqui26 on November 17, 2002

1 Review

I spent 2 weeks in salvador, bahia. It's beaches, beaches, beaches... great food and very very cheap.

Bahia, Brasil

Created by HangingOver on September 19, 2001

2 Reviews

Brasil is a fantastic country! The city of Salvador is located in the state of Bahia. This is where you are going to find a REAL Brasilian experience!

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