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Costa Rica Comeback

Created by nmagann on January 10, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

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Visting Arenal via Liberia felt like I need to laugh to keep from crying. Not quite, but my starting Liberia accommodations were a rough beginning. Ahhh but back to La Fortura and Monteverde makes it worth the effort. Pampering, zipping, hiking with flora and fauna felt like I was home.

Arenal Volcano, Center of Costa Rica Adventures

Created by travelswithkids on August 17, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

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Arenal Volcano, and the nearby town of La Fortuna, are a great hub for various Costa Rican exciting activities, such as zip-lining or hiking through the forest canopy, river cruises, white water rafting, volcano watching, and visiting volcano-fueled hot springs.

Adventure and Relaxation in Fiery Arenal

Created by lashr1999 on March 12, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

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A visit to the active Arenal Volcano is a must during a visit to Costa Rica. You'll find there is more than just the volcano.

Arenal Costa Rica

Created by parkhill13 on October 15, 2006

3 Reviews

My time in Arenal was better than I had expected. There was a lot to do and I wish that we would have spent an extra day here.

Lands in Love Hotel & Resort

Created by meirpop on March 11, 2006

1 Review

Hotel Lands in Love, an environmental and animal friendly zone . Cloud forest, pretty rooms with telephone, fast Internet, and TV. They have open jam sessions, fine food, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, conference room, camping area, pet hotel, Canopy, rappelling, and canyoning.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Created by LisaCharlene on December 25, 2005

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The Tabacon Hot Springs were created by a long ago volcanic eruption of the Arenal Volcano. The hot waters of the river were naturally rerouted into tumbling waterfalls and endless pools, which the Costa Rican's have turned in a beautiful oasis and spa. Unrivaled beauty!

Sleeping on a volcano in Costa Rica

Created by Philly_Girl on August 26, 2005

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Any visit to Costa Rica would be incomplete without stopping by Arenal Volcano, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. We visited Observatory Lodge in 2001, and fell asleep with the rumble of the volcano as our lullaby.

Amazing Tabacon

Created by Machitachav on April 9, 2004

1 Review

This was a two day trip to Arenal, Costa Rica. My husband and I took quick trip to visit Tabacon Hot Springs.

Road trip to Arenal / Tabacon Resort

Created by Bridgett Ellis on July 10, 2003

1 Review

On vacation in Costa Rica, we decided to drive north to Arenal. What a beautiful place!

Gay Costa Rica - Arenal Area

Created by kjun12 on July 10, 2003

3 Reviews
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The area around Lake Arenal and its spectacular volcano.

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