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Alpine Ventures

Created by Alan Ingram on August 15, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Introductory information on hiking and climbing in the European Alps of Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. Accounts and photographs are provided of ascents of Mont Blanc ( the highest ) and the Gran Paradiso ( one of the easiest ) of the 80 "four-thousanders" ( peaks over 4000metres ). One of the finest alpine panoramas can be obtained from the observation platform atop the Aiguille du Midi accessable by the cable car from Chamonix.

French Alps w. a Hint of Italy

Created by upt0wn112 on December 15, 2009

3 Reviews

We spent a week in Chamonix exploring the town and mountains and even made it over to Italy for a day of skiing and hot springs.

Study French in Chamonix

Created by formershrink on February 22, 2007

1 Story

Studying French at INSTED in Chamonix, while skiing.

Season in Cham

Created by sherpastyle on September 19, 2005

1 Review

Living the dream: 4 months of skiing the French Alps

Across the Alps as a Snow Surfer

Created by Josh S on January 5, 2005

1 Story

This is a description of the classic Haute Route, a grand ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt.

Hikes and Fun in Chamonix

Created by Bryan Feeney on February 11, 2003

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Chamonix is a climber's paradise, but you don't have to be a climber to enjoy it. Just a 40-minute bus trip from Geneva are some of the greatest sights you'll ever see, along with some of the more fun alternatives.

A quickie to Chamonix

Created by davidx on November 7, 2002

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My friend had recently been to the Southern Alps and had never seen the European ones. I did not know the Chamonix area. We went together with children from each family for a very mini break.

Chamonix - off-piste heaven

Created by scoobie on February 4, 2002

2 Reviews

My first Alpine snowboarding trip

chamonix - a wonderland

Created by rhiannon1968 on January 12, 2002

5 Reviews
1 Story

November in Chamonix? Too late for hiking, too early for skiing... Well, I decided to go anyway, and check it out... Would it be worth it?

Meet Me in Chamonix

Created by James Vaughn on December 23, 2001

4 Reviews

If you want to experience big mountain snowboarding/skiing with an international flair, Chamonix is the place to visit.

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