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Washington Crossing the Delaware in Rural Bucks County

Created by Barber E. Lane on June 29, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

For history buffs and a history lesson for the kids, witness a reinactment of Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Eve 1776. This is THE site where the pivotal battle in the Revolutionary War took place. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and historic.

New Hope, PA - A Great Weekend Spot

Created by SandyLand on June 1, 2005

2 Reviews

New Hope, PA, is a close drive from our home in Trenton, NJ, and we often make a day trip out of it. It is a beautiful town to spend an afternoon or a weekend if you live in NY, NJ, or Philly.

Antiquing in New Hope PA

Created by wordly woman on July 16, 2003

1 Review

New Hope is a quaint town an hour above Philadelphia on the Delaware river.

A Day in the Country - Peddlers Village

Created by Barber E. Lane on June 29, 2002

2 Reviews

Peddlers Village is a quaint village specializing in wholesome family entertainment and the simpler rural life. It is on the site of the prior Lahaska Chicken Ranch. A grassy promenade is circled by 75 specialty shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Seasonal craft shows and festivals are held throughout the year.

60 Miles of Bad Road

Created by Magellan on August 14, 2001

3 Reviews
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A 170-mile up-and-back hump through the worst of Philadephia's urban sprawl for lunch and walkabout at New Hope, Pa.

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