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Created by coloradowanderer on February 28, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Where to eat locally on a budget or for a splurge. Also a few to avoid...

Fort Fun, Colorado

Created by John Lamb on November 23, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

Fort Collins lies where the plains meet the mountains in northern Colorado. Labeled the Choice City, it certainly does have its options. You can climb, hike, waterski, eat-out, drink and do a variety of other activities in Fort Fun.

Martinis, Margaritas & Manhattans

Created by coloradowanderer on March 13, 2012

2 Reviews

Where to find the mellow 30 something scene in this college town. Including one secret basement bar, no signs outside, that is tops in town.

A Grand Day Out in Fort Collins, CO

Created by beckilena on May 25, 2006

5 Reviews

Here is a guide to filling a day in Fort "Fun" and not breaking the bank.

Cool Colorado

Created by TravelTess on April 4, 2005

3 Reviews

After finishing high school I went by myself to live in Colorado for one year. I traveled around the state, seeing Steamboat Springs, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Vail... but also traveled outside of Colorado to Missouri and South Dakota. It was a year I will never forget!

Fort Collins Local Hangouts, One Local's Opinion

Created by coloradowanderer on February 5, 2005

11 Reviews
1 Story

This is a small college community nestled in the foothills of northern Colorado. A large liberal hippie population coexists with wealthy, religious conservatives. There is a huge bar scene here, with something for everyone, plenty of outdoor activities, and great music.

Long Weekend in Fort Collins, CO

Created by oldscratch on July 30, 2003

6 Reviews

I recently spent a long weekend in Fort Collins, CO visiting family. During the trip, we went whitewater rafting, bike riding, and ate at several restaurants in the city's Old Town district.

Visiting Ft. Collins, CO

Created by KenAngie98 on November 25, 2001

2 Reviews

During our vacation to Colorado, we took an afternoon trip to Ft. Collins and checked out the Busch Brewery.

Fort Collins Colorado, a true college town

Created by bobjames413 on July 31, 2001

1 Review
2 Stories

Fort Collins near The Colorado state University campus is rated one of the best Best cities to live in the United States.

Poudre Canyon - Colorado

Created by sheric on July 27, 2001

1 Review

Camping, hiking and rafting in northern Colorado in Poudre Canyon on the Poudre river. The scenic byway - Colorado 14 runs from Ft. Collins, west to Walden, Co. Much of this highway also is in the Theodore Roosevelt National Forest.

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