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Roosevelt Weekend in North Dakota

Created by RoBoNC on June 9, 2012 Best of IgoUgo

3 Reviews
3 Stories

This trip took me from one end of the state to the other. I visited the state capital in Bismarck, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, and numerous roadside attractions. It ended where it began in Fargo, the state's largest city.

Fargo...Yeah Sure Ya Betcha

Created by AmeliaK on February 12, 2008

6 Reviews

I moved to Fargo for College and it has been a journey ever since then...

Things to Do Near Medora

Created by kwasiak on August 18, 2007

5 Reviews

Some of the things right outside of the little town of Medora.

Eating, Shopping, and Walking Around Medora

Created by kwasiak on August 4, 2007

4 Reviews
1 Story

A day in Historical looking tourist town in North Dakota.

As Sweet as a Bismarck

Created by travellingdave on January 10, 2007

4 Reviews

A short stay in Bismarck on my trip across the United States.


Created by cr008k on December 21, 2006

2 Reviews

Trip to Bismarck.

Great Western Adventure

Created by Cynthia Foulk on September 10, 2006

1 Review

Buffalo, Musicals, & Pitchfork Fondue!

Cooperstown Bible Camp

Created by jessicaabel on August 11, 2006

5 Reviews
1 Story

This journal consists of the wonders of Cooperstown Bible Camp in North Dakota!

Week in North Dakota

Created by Mamaofboyz on June 27, 2006

6 Reviews

A week of family meeting family, mixed with entertaining the children.

Lunch at the Bowling Alley

Created by Medora on May 13, 2006

3 Reviews

There aren't many options, but the bowling alley is certainly the most colorful.

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