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Sightseeing in Reims

Created by roza4 on February 14, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Reims is well known for its cathedral. This was why I made the trip – I wanted to see the place where French kings were crowned for centuries.

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

Created by zabelle on February 24, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

8 Reviews

Kings, Dukes, Saints and Leonardo, we were on the trail of all of them. From the outskirts of Paris to the edge of the Ardenne we wanted to see it all.

A Taste of the Champagne Region

Created by food&fun on June 23, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews
1 Story

We explored Reims (rhymes with France) and nearby Epernay, just a 90-minute drive from Paris, finding champagne makers, good restaurants and interesting sights.

48 Hours in Reims

Created by crolsen on April 13, 2005

5 Reviews

Whether you're ready to sip champagne in the plush tasting rooms of Reims' champagne houses or enjoy the historic cathedrals, this city will satisfy your curiousity, even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Utter Luxury in the Capital of Champagne

Created by karlseth on March 11, 2002

3 Reviews

Gerared Boyer, one of the greatest chefs produced by France, has one of the great hotels and one of the great restaurants of the world in a stunning manor house in the heart of the Champagne houses of Reims. Spoil yourself rotten. Visit Boyer Les Crayeres.

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