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Quick Getaway in Tequisquiapan

Created by teo20 on October 18, 2005

2 Reviews

What I can only say about this place is that is great to have a good time. It’s small, but you have everything you need to have a great time with your friends and family


Created by doctorsj on May 12, 2005

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Just two and a half hours north of Mexico City is a quiet colonial town where you can put the busyness of the city behind and enjoy a slower pace.

Weekend away

Created by Yuls on March 18, 2004

2 Reviews

This is a place to relax and escape from Mexico City.

Weekend at Tequisquiapan

Created by MEMEIS on February 19, 2003

1 Review

A really, really nice weekend!

Colonial Queretaro

Created by lobosolo on May 14, 2001

5 Reviews

Tequisquiapan (or Tequis as friendly called by locals) is a colonial town about 100mi NW of México City. It was founded around the thermas of which a few are still around, try them for relaxation. The people are very friendly and the food is tasty, but don´t expect it to be very good for dieting.

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