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Contiki Wild Western Tour - the Sierra Nevadas and Yosemite National Park

Created by Kun-chan on May 8, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Through the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Nevadas - the scenery was breathtaking, and so diverse! And Yosemite National Park is a real wonder... (Even if I didn't see any bears...)

Yosemite Valley

Created by taztc on March 24, 2004

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Basa Lake, CA, is a nice little comunity in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was only 13 miles to Yosemite National Park and a two-hour drive to the Giant Sequioa National Park. We had a nice, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation at Bass Lake, CA.

Winter Weekend at Bass Lake

Created by Walster on February 1, 2004

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What a wonderful weekend at Bass Lake! We had great lodging, a trip to Yosemite, and a day to play in the snow. It was very relaxing and a much needed getaway.

CA Mountains

Created by GBMck on July 26, 2003

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There were two bedrooms upstairs and a Murphy bed in the living room. Bass Lake was a short walk from the resort. The pool was large and the kids enjoyed it. There are shops and restaurants on the other side of the lake, which is just a short drive away.

the Great Outdoors!

Created by michael's mom on June 18, 2003

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Big trees abound! Mountain resort in the pines near Yosemite, a must see destination for every traveler. Quiet, peaceful Bass Lake, the site location for John Candy/Dan Ackroid movie "the great outdoors" rent the movie have a few laughs and see first hand the beautiful pine trees, imagine the fresh air and anticipate the relaxation this resort location has to offer ~ Bass Lake a rejuvenating vacation location for everyone!

Beautiful Bass Lake

Created by CaverWendyT on June 16, 2003

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We just returned from a wonderful, relaxing week at Bass Lake, near Yosemite National Park in California!

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