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Lofoten Islands: Sun, Sea and Fish

Created by mgtw on October 12, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

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Lofoten islands in northern Norway is place with endless summer days, great vistas at every corner, preserved historical buildings, great hiking trails and paradise for seafood lovers. I'll try to describe a few places,things and people that makes this corner of the world one of my favorite.

Short but enchanting first visit

Created by davidx on May 9, 2002

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We left m/s Polarlys at Svolvaer on the southern part of its coastal voyage (journal under Arctic Circle. We had two nights on the Lofotens and we both hope very much to be back.

The magic of the Lofoten Islands

Created by rhiannon1968 on April 30, 2001

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I tried to recapture the magical atmosphere of those beautiful islands above the Arctic Circle. They are a real heaven-on-earth: nature at its best.

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