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Eating and sleeping In Hue

Created by MichaelJM on November 2, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

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We'd travelled south from Hanoi to explore Hue for a couple of days

Vietnam Part 4: Hue

Created by Essexgirl09 on September 14, 2010 Best of IgoUgo

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Part Four of my trip to Vietnam - Hue, in the centre of the country offers beautiful countryside and lots of history.

Fun Times in Hue

Created by Eric from Aiea on September 9, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

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The Perfume River that flows through Hue meanders at a pace, that like Hue, is different than you find in HCMC or Hanoi.

Hue to Go!

Created by Ishtar on June 19, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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Hue's Imperial City conjures up splendors that must have boggled the mind; UNESCO's choice of this former Vietnamese capital is undisputed as a World Heritage Site. Residuals of war are quite evident, and though some capital has been channeled for restoration, nearly not enough is being done.

Hue to Hoi An road trip

Created by miloetal on September 17, 2005

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You haven't visited Vietnam until you spend some time risking life and limb on Highway 1. This is a scenic, if at times hair-raising, trip, passing some of the best-looking coastal and mountain regions of Vietnam.

Vietnam: See it before it disappears - Hue

Created by miloetal on August 30, 2005

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Almost a year down the track, I still have love/hate memories of Hue. There are must-see's in terms of culture, history, and food. But what can I say; I just didn't like the "vibe" of the town itself. The sellers and cyclo drivers seemed almost desperate/aggressive, and the smiles seemed few and far between.

Palaces and tombs - the river and citadel - Hue

Created by guliolopez on May 12, 2005

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As the former capital of Vietnam and home to several imperial dynasties, Hue’s key sites and sights revolve around the emperor’s citadels and tombs. The citadel is a central part of the city and best explored on foot. The emperors tombs lie along the perfume river and best toured by boat.

Vietnam - a one week crash course

Created by jennylee79 on October 14, 2004

1 Story

The people in Hue are laid back, but the experience as a whole was intense: from the heat, to the food, to the crazy traffic. It's a beautiful place with truly genuine people. If you need a hug, go to Vietnam!

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