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New Paltz - My Home Away From Home

Created by Brooklynite22 on January 12, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

New Paltz, with great hiking, nice restaurants, great accommodations, shopping, art galleries local produce, etc..

New Paltz in the Fall

Created by TracyT on November 20, 2007

1 Review

I stayed at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York for a NYSAIS Unconference for Managers of Technology and Librarians.

New Paltz Rocks

Created by orvilleb on January 28, 2007

1 Review

Great hiking in New Paltz, not just for rock climbers.

Weekend Getaway to Hudson Valley

Created by Jennifer Bezoza on September 4, 2006

1 Review

Maplestone Inn; Great B&B in New Paltz.

Mohonk Mountain House

Created by VagabondPoet on July 13, 2006

1 Review

Mohonk Mountain House is located 6 miles west of New Paltz, New York—or 90 minutes from NYC (once you get out of NYC).

Timeless Mohonk Mountain House

Created by gorboduc on January 10, 2004

2 Reviews
1 Story

Perched atop its own mountain in the Hudson River Valley sits Mohonk Mountain House, a grand hotel that's like a journey back in time to the Victorian Era as we imagine it to have been.

Frolicking amidst fall foliage is fabulous

Created by ITSMEFELI on January 11, 2003

2 Reviews

Feel like visiting a laid-back, small-town that's overflowing with culture, history, vegetarian food, and fall foliage? New Paltz, Woodstock's sister-town is the place to chill out and "be."

Four Years in New Paltz

Created by nadine183 on September 4, 2001

6 Reviews

New Paltz is not only a college town.

Historical Mohonk, NY

Created by LindaV on April 17, 2001

3 Reviews

The whole gang got together for yet another Murder Mystery weekend, this time in upstate NY.

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