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The Pink City

Created by Andariega on February 16, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Zacatecas, one of Mexico's beautiful silver cities, has an abundance of things to see. Unfortunately we were only here for an afternoon.

Chicomostoc/La Quemada

Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 14, 2007

1 Review

A bastion of civilization located, literally, in the middle of nowhere...

La Quema de Judas

Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 14, 2007

1 Story

Burning of Judas... Religious traditions are informative and culturally charged.

La Mina del Edén y el Teleférico

Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 14, 2007

1 Review

March again, the place to go is Zacatecas...


Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 13, 2007

1 Review

Located on what constituted the Northern Border of Prehispanic Civilization.

Sierra de Órganos

Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 12, 2007

1 Review

Bandidas was filmed in this beautiful desert. Desert?


Created by María Dolores Bolívar on September 7, 2007

4 Reviews

My adventures, special places, and special memories.

Zacatecas, Old Mine Town, New Cultural Spot

Created by JesusW on April 4, 2007

2 Reviews
1 Story

This used to be a very productive silver and gold town, today the mines are empty but culture has flourished instead.

The Romantic and Clean Zacatecas

Created by Rocky Mt. High on April 10, 2005

2 Reviews
1 Story

Walk in the evening and you'll likely find a gentleman with a donkey hauling large Tequila flasks strapped to its back, passing out free shots. The city has a world-class museum, complete with several Picassos. Avoid the nasty Howard Johnson’s. Quinta Real is the best choice.

Colonial Amblings 2 - Zacatecas

Created by dlj on January 8, 2003

3 Reviews

Unscheduled ambling about the colonial heartland of Mexico. Indulge in countless cobblestones, ample archways, cascading colonnades, offbeat offerings, and great home-grown grub. This is the Zacatecas portion of the trip/journals. First of five journals covering Mexico (DF), Zacatecas, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Queretaro.

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