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Stopover in Carteret, North Carolina

Created by pabrams52 on April 23, 2008

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Bullseye; we hit the mark on this one. Both the B&B and restaurant were great.

Jewel in Emerald Isle

Created by laurahanson on January 23, 2006

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A great restaurant on Emerald Isle.

The Crystal Coast

Created by ramcgraw on April 3, 2005

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If you want a beach experience that is low key and family-oriented, Emerald Isle is the place for you.

Emerald Isle, NC

Created by oksurebob on March 23, 2005

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This is about Emerald Isle, NC.

Weekend at Emerald Isle, NC

Created by Mary Louisa on April 9, 2001

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Emerald Isle offers visitors a quiet, refreshing ocean experience. This journal reflects the possible accommodations and typical weekend activities of the area.

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