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A Short Stay on the Connecticut Shore

Created by zabelle on October 23, 2010 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

A short getaway in Old Saybrook Ct with my special someone.

Culinary Capers in Connecticut 3

Created by zabelle on September 16, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Dining experiences around CT

Culinary Capers in Connecticut II

Created by zabelle on September 13, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

Some hits ,some misses, join me as I eat my way through Connecticut

Connecticut Dining Quest

Created by C.Kowalczik on February 13, 2008 Best of IgoUgo

9 Reviews

Exploring Connecticut in search of restaurants that put forth the best of what the state has to offer; whether a chain restaurant or independently owned.

The Gathering of The Vibes

Created by ripplefan2 on August 13, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

1 Review
4 Stories

Initially started as a tribute festival for Jerry Garcia, this festival has grown into a large scale event with amazing lineups every year.

Historic Hartford

Created by zabelle on May 10, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

8 Reviews

Hartford is rich in history and culture but you don't need to be rich to enjoy them.

Culinary Capers in Ct.

Created by zabelle on March 20, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Spending a week at Watersedge Resort gave us ample opportunity to sample the local cuisine.

Let There Be Pampering

Created by zabelle on January 3, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
1 Story

Life is stressful and everyone needs to be pampered. I decided to invite my friend Irene to join me for a girls only weekend with plenty of spa time included.

Heading Back Home

Created by grannola on September 30, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

4 Reviews
1 Story

On the way back to Nova Scotia, we made a few stops in Connecticut.

It’s All About Me—Westbrook, CT

Created by zabelle on March 27, 2006 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews
2 Stories

We had a week away from home while still being able to go to work. It was relaxing and loads of fun.

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