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Exploring the Amazon with Explorama Lodges

Created by Constance on March 30, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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My week long trip on the Amazon River with Explorama was more than I could have hoped for. Not only did I see the river and jungle, I learned more about this incredible region from our guide than I could have ever found in a guide book.

Amazon - Tough but Eye-Opening

Created by Everywhere on August 1, 2005

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The trip to the Amazon River was enlightening and fun. I discovered and saw new things everyday, but I guess I had not even scratched the surface of this mysterious place.

Off the Beaten Track in the Peruvian Jungle

Created by Janosch on April 4, 2005

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100 miles in 10 hours on a pick-up. The street doesn´t deserve the name. But then you enter a pearl in the Peruvian rainforest: Puerto Bermudez on the little Rio Pachitea flowing slow down to the Rio Amazonas...

Partying with the natives in the Amazon.

Created by scorch99 on July 8, 2004

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Traveling through the thick jungle, we traveled for three hours by speed boat down the Amazon River to a small village deep in the Amazon rainforest. Here we celebrated Carnival with the villagers and had a real life "survivor trial".

Adventures in Peru

Created by Globe on September 25, 2003

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Peru should find its way onto the dream itinerary for any traveler fond of off-the-beaten path destinations. This South American country offers astounding nature, archaeology, culture, and some must-see sites such as the Amazon River. For those with an adventurous spirit, this land holds an array of exciting experiences.

Mud, mud, unglorious mud!

Created by Kez on December 4, 2002

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I had held a life long dream to visit this area of the world. I mean, the Amazon is a place where when we were growing up all our literary and celluloid heroes bravely ventured into. When there they were always wrestling crocodiles amd avoiding being crushed by anacondas and after all that action returning unharmed with the girl! I picked the Manu Biosphere Reserve as it was fairly accessible and offered the opportunity to see pristine jungle as logging was stopped here in 1977 & the park created in 1990. But the main reason was to see the famous Macaws on their colpa's or clay licks. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side.

3 days in the Amazon River

Created by Marquita on August 26, 2002

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We left Cuzco with Lan Peru to Puerto Maldonado. From there we took the boat down the Amazon River (Madre di Dios). We stayed in a nice lodge down the Amazon River.

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