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Hot Srings below Mt. Princeton

Created by WDS on July 28, 2003

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The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs at the foot of this majestic mountain is an ideal place to soak your weary bones and muscles after your assent. The Lodge is available for staying overnight, if you wish! See my photos here.

Mt. Princeton Climb of 4 July

Created by WDS on July 8, 2003

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One hour from the base, we began our 4.5 hour ascent to the top of this majestic 14,197' peak over angular granite garnished with colorful wild flowers! See photos here.

The Hidden Rockies

Created by galaxina guide on March 15, 2001

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Tired of over-commercialised, plastic nostalgia and fast food strip malls? Take a short trip down US 285 out of Denver to get a glimpse of the pure, cool heart of the West.

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