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Spokane is Spectacular!

Created by Eve Carr on March 9, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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We loved Spokane. It has that lovely blend of modern amenities, attractions, and activities, yet still retains its charming hometown character. Here we stayed at the elegant Hotel Lusso, and then rode on the old-fashioned antique Looff Carrousel. We experienced a vibrancy and friendliness that almost made us want to move here.

Summer in Spokane

Created by travellingdave on August 10, 2008

1 Review

A lovely summer trip to the excellent tourism center of eastern Washington State.

Black Friday in Spokane, Washington

Created by travellingdave on December 30, 2006

4 Reviews

A weekend trip for the Black Friday sales in Spokane!

Conquering the Inland Empire

Created by travellingdave on December 30, 2006

5 Reviews

A weekend trip to beautiful Spokane, WA, heart of Washington's Inland Empire.


Created by sharp02 on June 26, 2006

18 Reviews

This shall be the great written intro for all travelers to enjoy. I shall share all the little places and all the BIG places to explore!

Wide Area rf meeting - 7/1/03

Created by gmulligan on October 21, 2003

1 Review

One day trip to visit company.

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