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The Hidden Pleasures of Erie, Pennsylvania

Created by tigressa on April 25, 2007

1 Review

It used to be called

Erie is Cheery

Created by MonnieR on February 15, 2007

1 Story

A great lake, a state park, three lighthouses and a maritime museum: the port city of Erie, PA, has all this and more.

Erie and North East, PA

Created by tszklen on May 31, 2006

2 Reviews
1 Story

Trip to Erie and North East, Pennsylvania, including grape country, wineries, public dock. Toured wineries on the Chautauqua—Lake Erie wine trail. Saw a nice sunset on Freeport beach.

Weekend trip to Erie.

Created by slimtimm on March 8, 2006

1 Review

Trip to Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park.

Steelheading on the Great Lakes Tributaries

Created by fishinghabit on December 1, 2005

2 Reviews

The Lake Erie fall steelhead run creates an ideal fishing opportunity for the fly-fisherman who loves the outdoors in all forms of weather. This fall the snow fell early creating classic conditions with clear run-offs and anxious rainbows fresh from the lake.

Great Lakes Film Festival

Created by thewanderingpoet518 on September 27, 2005

2 Reviews
4 Stories

I was attending the Great Lake Film Association's 2005 Film Festival with a nomination for best screenplay. I wouldn't win, but I would see a great city and meet some great people!

1-day Trip to Presque Isle State Park

Created by D_a_n on May 31, 2005

3 Reviews

We took a great 1-day trip from Buffalo, NY, and it was definitely worth the 100-minute drive. The peninsula where the park is located offers many summer activities.

Lake Erie for the Family

Created by OhlalaCharlene on August 15, 2004

3 Reviews

When my mother mentioned a mini-vacation to Lake Erie, I was worried, but it turned out to be just the right trip for our back-to-college nerves.

Local's Input

Created by psugeo on August 27, 2002

1 Review

My local's info for Erie, PA

Pennsylvania Family Fun..

Created by ademir on February 13, 2001

5 Reviews
1 Story

This is a tremendous destination which simply lost contact with reality until it got better and its waters cleaner.

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