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Dry Falls NC

Created by gateach on June 26, 2007

3 Reviews

The Waterfalls of North Carolina are wonderful, scenic and serene places to visit. They offer a refreshing break on a hot summer day! Dry Falls is one such waterfall.

Visit to Sapphire Valley

Created by dscottt1 on May 12, 2003

4 Reviews

Spring vacation to Cashiers/Highland, NC area. Side trips to Atlanta and Asheville.

Stopover in Highlands N.C. enroute to Atlanta

Created by CarolHLynn on November 1, 2002

1 Review

Walk under a waterfall and dine at unique restaurant/deli in Highlands N.C.

Scaly Mountain

Created by willow on February 2, 2001

4 Reviews
2 Stories

Were it not for the breathtaking mountain scenery our day trip to Highlands would have been for naught. A chilling wind and below freezing temperatures had prompted most merchants to close for the day. The town its self is picturesque.

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