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San Fermin Festival - Pamplona

Created by Euroazz on June 28, 2004 Best of IgoUgo

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This is one of the biggest parties in Europe every year. It's virtually non-stop partying for eight or nine days. Lots of laughs, lots of sangria, and a few crazy bulls chucked in for good measure. Don’t forget your red bandana!

San Fermin Festival (Run with the Bulls)

Created by LetsGoThere on July 18, 2005

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I had heard of running with the bulls, but I was not prepared for the massive partying spectacle of the San Fermin festival. The bull-running finishes by 8:05 every morning, which leaves the vast majority of the day to explore the city and to drink.

Running with the Bulls

Created by Sean Patrick on January 9, 2005

1 Review

The beginning of my life's "to-do list".

Running with the bulls

Created by blair on January 28, 2001

2 Reviews

They call it the Spanish Marti Gras...I'd say it's doesn't even compare! The running of the bulls is a week of craziness and fun and a lot of drinking, followed by a run for your life.

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