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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Created by Andariega on March 8, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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On our road trip through Guatemala, we stopped in Chichicastenango for market day. Although I’m not usually one to shop on vacation, Guatemala, and specifically Chichicastenango, changed that. Thankfully, duffle bags are among the many items for sale.

Through the Market Stalls of Chichi

Created by on February 12, 2005

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Like many travelers, I took a day trip out of Antigua to the largest street market in Central America. It is absolutely a shopper's paradise, with much to see and experience.

Guatemala: Chichicastenango

Created by kylebarber on April 24, 2002

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The remote village of Chichicastenango hosts a Sunday marketplace that draws Mayan villagers from all over the Western Highlands

Place of the Poison Trees

Created by LoCho on January 23, 2001

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Chichicastenango is famous for its outdoor market held twice a week.

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