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Bears, Bears Everywhere

Created by phileasfogg on June 25, 2009 Best of IgoUgo

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I look down, and the manhole cover has a bear embossed on it. I look up, and the yellow flags along the street have big black bears. A nearby fountain’s topped by a statue of a bear dressed in armour. Welcome to Bern, the city of the bear.

Bern is Boring, Boring, Boring. Skip it.

Created by Wasatch on March 12, 2007

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Boring, Boring, Boring. Skip it.


Created by cr008k on October 18, 2006

2 Reviews

Bern Trip.

Life in Bern

Created by bethanynights on March 24, 2006

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Lived here for 4 months!

A lovely and Well Organized Capital

Created by onlyvanilla8 on March 3, 2006

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A lovely capital that remembers old fashion cities that are well organized and easy to get around. It has the best tourism board.

Nightmare B&B in Switzerland

Created by Scarlett on October 13, 2005

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At the conclusion of a fantastic vacation in Prague, Austria, and Switzerland, Le Rudli Bed & Breakfast in Einigen, Switzerland, was a major letdown!

Bern, the Switzerland Capital!

Created by Laroca on September 3, 2005

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Crammed onto a steep-sided peninsula in a crook of the fast-flowing Tiver Aare, it’s quiet, with cobbled lanes lined with sandstone arcaded buildings straddling the pavement. Bern is the nation’s capital, home of Swiss parliament and wielder of final federal authority.

Exploring the Swiss Capitol

Created by caromeow on January 23, 2005

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Bern is the beautiful, small-scale Swiss capital. It's a friendly modern Swiss city, set amidst medieval buildings and scenery. It's big enough that you never get bored, but small enough to retain a friendly, intimate atmosphere. Ich liebe es!


Created by bilnap on February 16, 2004

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We took our honeymoon by train from Bad Nauheim Germany to Bern, then Chur on the Glacier Express.

Beautiful Switzerland

Created by Bridgett Ellis on November 6, 2003

3 Reviews

Our trip to Switzerland will never be forgotten. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

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