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Tacoma, Washington? You'll Be Surprised!

Created by Koala_D on July 2, 2007 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Tacoma... the OTHER city near Sea-Tac Airport! You will be amazed at how many interesting and fun things Tacoma has to offer!

Tastey Tacoma

Created by Re Carroll on August 31, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

5 Reviews

Long known as a shipping port and often overshadowed by its flashier sister, Seattle, Tacoma is dressing itself up to welcome tourists with its scenic harborfront, great restaurants and historic Old Town area.

Discovering Tacoma

Created by ak1 on April 20, 2007

5 Reviews

This is from several trips where we strolled around the city and took in some of the local atmosphere.

Washington State Extravaganza

Created by bentleym on January 1, 2007

1 Review

Making money count in Washington State.

Activities in Tacoma

Created by ak1 on November 8, 2005

4 Reviews

Tacoma, Washington is a growing city. The downtown area has been transformed in recent years to make it more inviting. They have done a spectacular job in this city; building a university, nice restaurants, and museums.

Washington: Tacoma

Created by kylebarber on January 2, 2001

6 Reviews

Sights and attractions worth checking out in Tacoma and the surrounding area.

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