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The Uncommon Guide to the Smoky Mountains of N.C.

Created by Colewade on November 9, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Beyond the crowds, the Great Smoky Mountains is a land of striking beauty. I have visited the area since a very early age and now call the area home. They are full of secrets and surpises. Can I share a few with you?

Smokey Mountain Adventure

Created by triciamettert on February 5, 2004

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We had a great time with all the available shopping. The mountain and trails are wonderful and so pretty. There’s lots of dining of all kinds to choose from and plenty to do also with go karts, golf, sky diving, and helicopter rides over the mountains.

Doi'n the Smoky-Pokey

Created by scotus on September 24, 2003

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Our week at Forest Fairways at Sapphire Valley was lovely. The Smokies lived up to their billing--broody, sinister foggy one minute then blue skied panoramas the next. Try it, you'll love it.

Great Smokey Mountains NP Area

Created by Malahini on January 4, 2003

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Mostly it's about rubbing shoulders with the past: isolated pioneer settlements and the native Cherokee indians. But the wilderness is there too, in all its scenic splendor, with mountain vistas, rushing streams, and virgin forests.

Fall Colors in the Smoky Mountains

Created by CaverWendyT on October 30, 2002

2 Reviews

My husband and I visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park for our anniversary. The fall colors were spectacular!

Smoky Mountain Vacation

Created by phrjeff on August 16, 2002

2 Reviews

Vacation with family to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park while staying in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Created by Columbus on December 26, 2000

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Divided between North Carolina and Tennesse, the Smoky Mountains National Park, have a variety of plants, trees, waterfalls, foot and horse trials, streams, fishing,etc. making this area one of the most visited in the eastern setion of the U.S.for nature hikes, camping and other Park activities.

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