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Redwood Coasting

Created by redwoodcoaster on December 20, 2006

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Humboldt County has the world's tallest trees, the continental U.S.'s longest stretch of undeveloped coast, and a whole lot more for travelers.

A Night in Eureka

Created by avcastner on July 17, 2005

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What a surprise! There's a reason why the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka still had rooms when almost everyone else in the area was sold out!

On the Road to Eureka

Created by jmineo on February 5, 2001

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My wife and I joined our local BMW Car Club chapter for a long ride up to Eureka. Since we had friends there anyway, we decided this would be a bonus opportunity for us to travel, "killing two birds with one stone" per say.

Eureka Lighted Truck Parade

Created by manny_anne on December 23, 2000

3 Reviews

With horn tooting "Jingle Bells" and Christmas lights twinkling, the motorcoach that transported our Forest Springs Travel Club to Eurek, CA joined over 100 trucks and emergency vehicles in the Lighted Truck Parade.

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