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Mono Lake

Created by mukluk on December 29, 2004

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Mono Lake is on the east side of the Sierra Nevadas, not far from Bishop, California.

The High Sierra Mountains Trip

Created by Dogmeat on October 21, 2003

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Lee Vining town is right next to Mono Lake. We went to Mono Lake that day. But the next day we visited the "Ghost Town Bodie" and went down Highway 395 to the town of Mammoth Lake and looked at an earthquake fault just a few miles from Mammoth Lake.

A last-minute day trip proves to be highly-rewardi

Created by popoki_girl on November 13, 2002

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Like an eerie moonscape, Mono Lake's desolate surroundings have beckoned us for years. A quick trip gave us just a taste of what more to expect. Next time, we're going down to see the actual tufa formations.

Moonscape of Mono Lake

Created by Shauna on July 11, 2001

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Mono Lake is a desert lake, left by volcanic activity in the eastern Sierras, notorious for it's salinity, unusual limestone formations (tufa), and it's controversial history of water wars and sensitive environment.

Mono Lake's unique environment

Created by spuguru on December 18, 2000

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My buddy and I made a completely spontaneous trip to Mono Lake after whisking through Yosemite. We needed to figure out where to eat & sleep, and what to see and do in the area. Thi journal is intended to aid the next person who takes such a trip.

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