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Alexandria: The Perfect Break From Cairo

Created by HobWahid on November 4, 2002 Best of IgoUgo

7 Reviews

Alexandria is one of the most historic cities in the world; although most of the history has long been buried. The modern incarnation of Alexandria, though, is still a magical place with a beautiful coast that allows one to escape hectic Cairo and get a breath of fresh Mediterranean air.

Egypt March 2007

Created by ahazan on June 3, 2007

1 Review

hotel review in Alexandria

Egypt 2007

Created by ahazan on January 22, 2007

1 Review

Montazah Sheraton Hotel

Day Trip to Alexandria

Created by kwasiak on July 23, 2005

5 Reviews

On my tour of Egypt, we spent one day here exploring the sites dating from the Greek and Roman occupation of Egypt from 332 BCE to 395 CE.

Alex Happy Time

Created by Our Nice on March 10, 2005

1 Review

My dear friends, this is a side of citadel in Alx, Egypt, that I always go to for a rest, or to have fun with friends or relatives. It is a great town with lots of fun places. I invite everyone to check it out!

Egypt on the Mediterranean

Created by akakd on June 30, 2002

6 Reviews

Needing a break from hot, dusty Cairo--we took a day trip over to Alexandria for fresh air & cool breezes.

Alexandria the Not-So-Great

Created by SpaceCowgirl on January 12, 2002

1 Review

If you decide to take the jaunt up to Alexandria... this might help you.

Alexandria's History and Sights

Created by nmagann on December 4, 2000

3 Reviews

Alexandria is a beautiful coastal city with a population of 10 million but an appearance of a small city. Like Cairo there are museums and historical sights, but without the crowds. The streets are narrow and look more like a series of alley ways shared with pedestrians and donkeys.

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