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Screechin' in St John's

Created by mojo7127 on February 17, 2004

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Six nights of live entertainment featuring Newfoundland and Canadian acts on the city's most famous street, George Street.

Newfoundland A feast for the eyes

Created by BCody on July 21, 2003

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This being our first trip to Newfoundland (or the Rock, as locals call it), we were surprised by its natural beauty.

As East as you can go in North America

Created by Liken D Sun on January 3, 2003

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We drove from central Canada out to the far side of Newfoundland and spent five days in St. Johns. It was a long drive but a fabulous trip.

Canada's first city

Created by jleem on November 13, 2002

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Saint John is Canada's oldest city. Rich in history and activies for every member of the family

"The Far East of the Western World" Newfoundland

Created by VagabondPoet on December 1, 2000

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Newfoundland, Canada's most eastern province, and North America's most eastern point is the best hidden secret I have yet to experience. A lone island in the Atlantic coast, Newfoundland is best known for her close link to her Irish/English heritage and abundance of fisheries.

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