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One (boring) night in Geneva

Created by annie-m on May 25, 2005

3 Reviews
1 Story

A day and a night in Geneva tacked onto a French trip to language school

Geneva in a day

Created by caromeow on January 23, 2005

3 Reviews

I visited Geneva right after Lausanne. Geneva is definitely more modern-looking and not quite as charming as Lausanne, but there is tons to see--many museums and monuments--as well as lots of interesting history to learn.

Geneva - Beaten and not-so-beaten paths...

Created by hajecj on October 21, 2004

6 Reviews
5 Stories

A lot of tourists see the old town and maybe a few museums, wander around the beautiful lakeside parks, have a fondue, and move on. Fair enough. But with a couple extra days and a rental car, there are some really nice spots worth going out of the way for.

It feels like you are in France...

Created by petersoltesz on August 31, 2004

2 Reviews

Beautiful city with a lot to see, surrounded by a magnificent scenery and probably the best place to buy your new watch.

A Week in Switzerland

Created by Ralph A on March 31, 2004

2 Stories

This is a look at my week in Switzerland where I spent most of my time in Geneva, while also visiting Bulle and Gruyere.

Lake Geneva for 5 days

Created by John Mulliner on September 4, 2003

1 Review

A quick flight from Southampton to Geneva, one night in Geneva, then hired a car and traveled around the lake, and on to Mont Blanc area of France.

One Day Highlights

Created by Re Carroll on August 18, 2003

3 Reviews

Geneva is a walker’s delight. Colorful gardens, interesting monuments, and historical buildings are set in a compact area along the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva. Five hours in Geneva allowed me to see some of the city’s highlights and whetted my appetite for a longer visit in the future.

Lake Geneva

Created by Keithyboy on November 14, 2001

1 Review

I found out taht Lake Geneva is a beautiful place, which is a good job because there's not much else to do except look at the scenery...

Beautiful Geneva

Created by EriksA1 on January 26, 2001

5 Reviews
1 Story

Geneva is beautiful, rich in culture, clean and a great place to live or just visit for a weekend. You will find something to do for everyone.

How time does fly in Geneva!

Created by EriksA1 on January 25, 2001

5 Reviews

Geneva is one of the prettiest and cleanest cities I have ever seen...and one of the friendliest especially for Europe.

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