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Work Trip to Hyeres

Created by RLB2 on September 8, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

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Well what a hard life I have, I'm being sent to the historic resort town of Hyeres in the French Riviera...for a whole week.

The French Riviera -- Down by the Sea

Created by Carmen on June 6, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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As a precursor to my visit to Paris in May of 2003, I wanted to spend a few sunny days by the Mediterranean. I chose Nice as my home base for two days, planning a side trip by train to Monaco.

The "Villages Perche" of the French Riviera

Created by Anne-Marie on July 5, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Most visitors to the French Riviera come to the reknown coastal towns of Nice, Cannes or Antibes for its beaches, ports and ritzy life-style. But the more frequent visitors and the ones who prefer the atmosphere of medieval towns extend their visits to the perched villages of the "beyond" region.

The Beautiful Towns on the French Riviera

Created by Anne-Marie on June 28, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

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Our group of family and friends spend a memorable 10 days of Easter vacation in the French Riviera, visiting its beautiful coastal and hilltop towns, driving the thrilling Corniches and enjoying the wonderful French food.

French Riviera - Monaco

Created by thelittle.bee on December 28, 2004

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We stayed at Residence Quai des Princes in the Cap d'Ail harbor next to Monaco. Leave the car at the resort and take public transportation, as you can jump on and off at each location. The rooftop pool overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and harbor. Take a helicopter ride, located just behind the resort.


Created by rossiste on November 30, 2004

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Nice, cool, sunny weather in November. There is a lot of waste-burning, which causes a lot of hazy smoke this time of year. This is also the vacation month for the locals, and many shops and museums are closed.

The French Riviera - for one

Created by ifor_gal on September 24, 2004

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By far my favorite destination. Even though I went alone, there wasn't a moment that I felt lonely. Join me as I give you a little peak at my five days of heaven.

The French Riviera On The Cheap

Created by katie11201 on May 29, 2004

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Three days along the beautiful coast between Nice and Monaco doesn't have to cost a king's ransom if you stay in hostels and eat nicoise sandwiches. Most people whiz by on the train and miss the best part!

French Riviera

Created by ibitton on March 24, 2004

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We stayed at Le Mas De Chastelet near St. Tropez. The area is lovely near the beaches, wine country, and ancient towns. It was about a one-hour drive to Nice, Cannes, and Vence (artist village). We enjoyed the opportunity to leisurely enjoy the south of France.

Cap D'Ail and Monaco

Created by minafeld on December 26, 2003

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Cap D'Ail is the French resort a stone's throw from Monaco. Where we stayed was literally a block away. Sometimes the only way to tell which country you are in is by the phone booths; the ones in Cap D'Ail say "France" vs. the ones that say "Monaco".

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