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Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais

Created by Freddie V8 on January 24, 2008

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Hostels, cheap accommodations and attractions in Belo Horizonte and the State of Minas Gerais, Brasil

Belo Horizonte - Unjustifiably Unknown

Created by daviebee on January 24, 2005

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It was in the pursuit of the love of a good woman that I first travelled to Belo Horizonte, returned three times, and will eventually be living there. This is a journal of my travels to Belo, which I hope will encourage you to visit this relatively unheard of city.

Belo Horizonte: City of culture

Created by ma11achy on July 9, 2002

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A visit to an oasis of culture and friendly people in a city of surprises

Wecome to Belo Horizonte-Land of Minerals

Created by ademir on November 11, 2000

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This beautiful city is such of most cities in Brazil. It is bound by alot of history and culture. For your information, Belo Horizonte, means: Beautiful Horizon

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