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Services at Talon Lodge

Created by jerrywest on March 28, 2008

1 Review

The services provided at Talon Lodge are unmatched in Alaska

Father's Day/Birthday Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Created by Craig Randall on June 19, 2007

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1 Story

Sight-unseen - we brave the web and locate a diamond in the Alaskan rough.

Sitka: Alaska's Most Beautiful Seaside Town

Created by Colewade on November 4, 2003

14 Reviews
6 Stories

Sitka's spectacular location, splendid isolation, and unusual historic sites make it a truly unique town. With one day you can enjoy Russian and Tlingit history, take a good hike, and catch a 100 pound halibut. It is well worth the 100 mile detour to include Sitka on your Alaska itinerary.


Created by panda2 on June 26, 2003

10 Reviews

Sitka is good for a brief stopover.

Alaska's Old Russian Capital

Created by Goldprosp on August 6, 2002

1 Review
4 Stories

Sitka is a quaint little town of about 8000 people. We arrived on a cruise at 7am and left at 1pm (not enough time). We really enjoyed this picturesque old Russian Capital of Alaska.

Sitka, a piece of Russia in Alaska

Created by Adelaide on November 9, 2000

5 Reviews
1 Story

Sitka was the capital of Russian Alaska until the USA bought Alaska from the Russians, in 1867. It offers a mix of historical and nature sites. I spent one day there, while on a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage.

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