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Ricketts Glen State Park -The Falls Trail

Created by Uncle Phil on November 7, 2008

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The Falls Trail leads you to see different waterfall within 10 miles of walking.

Wedding in Paradise

Created by Jasmin on July 9, 2001

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This "resplendant land" is shaped like a tear drop off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent. Traces of the British Raj, precious stones,superb beaches and a culture all of its own, give this island its name of Serendip.

...A 3 hour tour....

Created by OzGirl on November 7, 2000

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Bentota is a "small" southern village located about 62km from Colombo located on the coastal shore and river mouth. Bentota Beach area is one where many tourists flock. A majority of the tourists in this area were German or Italian. This location can be a "day trip" from Colombo but I recommend staying the night (the drive to and from can be very wearing.)

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