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Gibraltar of the Mississippi

Created by chadk78 on July 9, 2005 Best of IgoUgo

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It took General U.S. Grant 47 days to take this Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River. Today, the historic city and its neighbor to the east can keep you occupied for several days. Together, Vicksburg and Jackson give this history buff plenty to rave about.

Stoppin' in Vicksburg

Created by lubmac on January 9, 2001 Best of IgoUgo

6 Reviews

Vicksburg, a stop along the Mighty Mississippi in history and I-20 today, has manifold offerings for today's traveller. Whether you go for the history, the scenery, the casino action, or the shopping, Vicksburg has it in plenty.

Vicksburg-A Step Back Into History

Created by Linda Kaye on November 24, 2000 Best of IgoUgo

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Whether you’re a weary traveler or searching for an exciting vacation, a nature lover, or simply a history buff you will be happily surprised to learn that the state of Mississippi, as we have discovered, has a vast array of opportunities for you to enjoy

4,,000 mile 2005 vacation

Created by nanc3679 on January 17, 2006

1 Story

This trip was to go to Kaycee, Wyoming, to visit the Willow creek Ranch, it's a working ranch 27 miles of the main road; it is also where the Hole in the Wall is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid out.

Birthday in Vicksburg

Created by Susie Jane on January 2, 2006

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My husband and I take several short trips a year. We are low-rollers at the casinos, playing the slots. We took a break and went to Vicksburg for the first time right after Christmas.

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Created by kimmiekim on July 2, 2004

1 Review

This is one of the Delta's best kept secrets. Centrally located, there are casinos here and it's right on the Louisiana State Line.

Revisiting our Confederate Past

Created by jromano on June 8, 2003

2 Reviews

On my first trip to Vicksburg, I was awed by the city's dedication to its Confederate background. But this trip I was disappointed to find so much commercialization taking over as progress walks over the graves of our historical past.

Vicksburg, TakeMe to the River

Created by Tideone on November 6, 2000

8 Reviews

I stole the title of my journal from the Vicksburg tourism people but it is a very appropriate title for anyone planning a trip to this beautiful city by the Mississippi River.

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