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A Little Taste of Switzerland, Germany, and Italy

Created by Wildcat Dianne on August 22, 2011 Best of IgoUgo

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My final day in Europe in 2011 found me taking a little day trip to the city of Basel, Switzerland, a city not lacking in culture or chocolate!

Northern Switzerland: The Toblerone Tales

Created by Ozzy-Dave on May 7, 2003 Best of IgoUgo

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Northern Switzerland may face-off with France and Germany but pays scant regard to its Euro-centric neighbours, dazzling visitors with cultural wealth, independent pride and the lure of the Alps. The rich, historical, northwest city of Basel is our home base for this adventure, so let’s go exploring…

An Expat's Tips for Basel

Created by mergray on July 19, 2006

1 Review

I've been living in Basel for a few months now, and I now know a lot more insider tips and tricks than I did when I first arrived. If you want to avoid feeling like a tourist, and eat and experience things more like a native, read this!

Basel Triological

Created by Laroca on August 13, 2005

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Basel is a Swiss city surrounded by France and Germany.

Basle - Capital of Culture

Created by treles15 on May 10, 2005

3 Reviews

I was really suprised of this huge offer of culture sights. The people are open-minded and very friendly. I recommend this beautiful city for people who are interested in culture combined with excursions to a beautiful landscape.

Basel - The Suprising Swiss City

Created by DonRaphaele on May 2, 2005

1 Review

What a great city on the famous River Rhine! There is a great old town and marvelous architecture and culture. The best part of it is that it’s a meeting point of three countries (Germany, France, and Switzerland).

Basel - city at the border of three countries

Created by Myndo on April 8, 2005

14 Reviews

I was born in Basel but am living outside of it. I work in Basel, and Basel is the place I go when I want to go out. Although I love travelling, Basel is a home for me, somewhere I am always happy to come back to.

The Switzerland no one talks about (but should)

Created by Travelenthusiast on June 22, 2003

5 Reviews
2 Stories

The Basel Region is one of the most culturally enriching (not to mention one of the warmest) places in Switzerland, yet it is often overlooked by tourists.

Basel-A Big Swiss City

Created by travel2000 on November 5, 2000

5 Reviews
1 Story

Upon arrival at the train station, I couldn't help but think, "this is not the Switzerland I had in mind!" Basel sits on the border with France and Germany and has a tremendous cultural history.

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