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We grew up in Wilmington, and have been going down the Delaware Shore for years.

Beauty And The Beach

Created by MonnieR on February 20, 2007

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Swimming, sunning, surfing, fishing, and plenty of foliage and shorebirds are hallmarks of Delaware Seashore State Park.

Lewes/Rehoboth Beach

Created by Dburke on June 25, 2006

5 Reviews

A weekend away at Rehoboth Beach.

Beach Trip

Created by mrazzino423 on June 21, 2006

3 Reviews

My trip to Rehoboth Beach with my girlfriend to celebrate an anniversary.

Rehoboth Beach Before the Crowds

Created by DeanMDJ on March 19, 2006

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A long weekend visit before the crowds came in. Great time to visit for a romantic relaxing vacation without long lines.

Small-Town Family Vacation in Rehoboth Beach

Created by travel latin america on July 19, 2005

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Rehoboth Beach is the nation's summer capital, filled with great shops and restaurants. The beaches are beautiful and well kept, but you can also go to Rehoboth for the shops and will enjoy it just the same (or even more!) Included in this journal are some helpful tips, so enjoy!

Rehoboth Beach - The Beach Next Door

Created by Amberle18 on October 21, 2003

3 Reviews

It's funny how sometimes we can miss the most beautiful places simply because they are 'right next door'.

Delaware Shore

Created by JLK100 on February 24, 2002

4 Reviews

Rehoboth Beach, DE offers great family fun. And it's also a gay/lesbian beach mecca. In spite of this beach town's origin as a bible retreat, people of all kinds of backgrounds and interests seem to coexist most happily on the wide, clean Delaware beaches. When visiting Rehoboth, don't miss out on excellent restaurants and an extensive array of shops including brand name outlets. Other nearby towns worth visiting are: Dewey Beach Popular beach town for college students and recent grads. Some small hotels are present, however rental homes dominate; summer group shares are the norm Ocean City, MD Family-oriented like Dewey Beach, Ocean City differs from the Delaware beach towns in that it's extremely developed. Full of high rise condos and hotels, there's a busy boardwalk and plenty of diversions, but in general, I think OC is a nightmare. Fenwick Island Bethany Beach If you like my journals, rate me! If you have other feedback, shoot me an e-mail.

A family-oriented trip off-season at Rehobeth Beac

Created by goldeng on January 18, 2002

2 Reviews

Off-season, this beach resort town holds many splendid treasures. Off-season rates are only the beginning. The beaches are uncrowded, downright desolate at times. It's a great time to enjoy the beach without the crowds. Nearby state parks offer opportunities to learn about nature.

Delaware: Rehoboth Beach

Created by kylebarber on December 6, 2000

6 Reviews

Suggestions for things to do and places to eat in Rehoboth Beach, Deleware.

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