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Coral Gables The City Beautiful

Created by raymond longaray on December 23, 2007

1 Review

Coral Gables is Known in Florida as the City Beautiful

More of the Great Dinnings in Coral Gables

Created by Columbus on January 22, 2001

10 Reviews

It has so much acceptance by previous journal about the different restaurants in this city that I have compile a new group for your consideration.

Great Dining in Coral Gables

Created by Columbus on January 5, 2001

12 Reviews

There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Coral Gables, but trying to find one according to your actual needs and desire is sometimes confusing.

Coral Gables, a city within Miami

Created by Columbus on December 24, 2000

13 Reviews

Beautiful, green Coral Gables a short ride from downtown Miami by car or Monorail (University Station) is a must to the visitor of southeast Florida.It is one of the most livable communities in the country with desirable turistic, residential and bussiness locations

Coral Gables - Food, Shopping & Home town fun

Created by AnaMH on November 7, 2000

9 Reviews

I wanted this journal to be about some of my favorite places in an section of my hometown. I wanted to share with everyone places I visit often.

Weekend in Coral Gables

Created by loli on November 2, 2000

11 Reviews

Coral Gables is a small city in the middle of Miami's urban sprawl. Despite this, it has held on to it's identity and it's a beautiful place. You can count on grand trees, Mediterranean architecture, green parks, great restaurants, and more galleries per square mile than any city I know.

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